D-Nail Silicon Carbide Peak Insert

D-Nail Silicon Carbide Peak Insert

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From the inventors of ceramic inserts and silicon carbide dabware in general, we bring you some of the finest work in either.

Universal - good fit for all Peak atomizers

V3 - excellent fit for V3 atomizers (but will not make full contact with the heating element on V1-V2)

This being the most requested product of 2019, we talked to a lot of people and put a lot of thought into it.

Every fraction of every millimeter was considered for every reason.

-Wall and dish thickness of 1.8mm is the minimum we want for structural integrity while minimizing the amount of mass to be heated.

-Smooth contours at every edge, especially where the inner wall meets the dish for easy cleaning.

-Engineered to be self-locating for easy, no-fuss placement and self-adjusting during/after cleaning.

-'Mirror' polished dish

-The same great flavor, easy cleaning, and longevity you know and expect from our silicon carbide.