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Please allow 2-3 business days for order processing. If you need support please contact
Please allow 2-3 business days for order processing. If you need support please contact
Types of Temp Gauges - Low Temp Dab Thermometers

Types of Temp Gauges - Low Temp Dab Thermometers

When it comes to dabbing the first thing that comes to mind is the experience. I am always looking to find the best terps and enjoy them in the most proper way possible. Here are a few temp gauges to take your dabbing experience to the next level.


The Dabrite V2 Pro is the perfect solution for a desktop temp gauge. With its sleek new design and upgraded flexible reading arm, this unit will fit in perfect with any setup it may come across. Never miss a dab again with their unique temp alarm system and color coordinated display.
A must have recommendation from Ruby Pearl Co.

"Why settle for anything but the best experience?

We know and understand the ritual of dabbing and set out to create a new product that not only fits aesthetically with your rigs, mats and other fine accessories, but actually provides accurate temperature readings in order to take the perfect dab. Utilizing high grade industrial components and custom programming, the Dab Rite will alert you when the temperature you set to take your dab is reached so you no longer have to worry about reheating your banger or taking a dab that is too hot. Say goodbye to chazzed bangers and say hello to proper dabs. Once you Dab Rite, you’ll never dab wrong again."

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Need a temperature gauge on the go? Look no further, the Terpometer (IR) is the perfect hand held infrared device. Whether your traveling or enjoying dabs at home, this device is extremely convenient and versatile. One end has replaceable titanium dabber tips and a swappable key chain while the other is telling you a precise temperature of your quartz nail. The RGB color indicator screen is also a great addition to inform you when your dab is ready.
A great addition to any dab setup! -Ruby Pearl Co.

"You ask, we deliver.

Introducing the latest offering from our "Terpene Preservation Team".


Experience accuracy and precision like never before! Now utilizing our patented RGB color indication along with an infrared sensor. TERPOMETER dab tools provide the perfect temperature dab every time! The First. The Original. #TRUETOTHETERPS"

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